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What do you struggle with?


Are you tired of hurting all the time? Have you tried countless ways to get your chronic issues to disappear? Have Doctors ever told you to not do something that you wanted to do?

Weight Control

Do you struggle with keeping the pounds off? Have you tried every diet in the book? Do you want to keep the unwanted weight off for good?


Always falling off the wagon? Tired of the starting-stopping-trying-failing cycle with every program/diet you attempt because it’s just impossible to follow?


Feeling negative, easily discouraged, and beating yourself up? Do you hide from your weight or create anxiety around it?


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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We meet in person or over the phone for a review of your “why” and establish if we are a good fit for your new journey.

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Establish your abilities and needs to progress forward in our program and formulate a long term plan for success.

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Meet with your designated coach to kickstart your planned program of success!

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From the Gym

Great Community

“Great community, great workouts. For the first time probably ever, I come to the gym because I want to be there, not because I feel like I should be there.”

~ Ethan McKee

Love GVCF!

“GVCF has great facilities and equipment, lots of class time options and open gym time available, kids playroom, and the BEST coaches. The spirit of camaraderie and support is incredible. LOVE GVCF!!”

~ Cassie Mistretta

Great Coaches

“I’ve been at GVCF for 5+ years. It’s my gym, my fitness go to, my friends and family. Great coaches, nutritional advice and encouragement. Love it!”

~ Nancy Benson