Workout of the Day

Wednesday 12.5.18

Wednesday 12.5.18

This was last weeks Facebook Live talk on protein in case you missed it. We will be more active on our YouTube Channel and if you’d like to subscribe click this link:
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A. Warmup:
3 x max effort L-Hang
*If less than :20, accumulate :20 total
-rest as needed between efforts

B. 5 rounds of:
1:00 Max rep Power Clean & Push Jerk
2:00 Rest
*add weight each round: 10-20 lbs

C. Cooldown/Accessory:
10 RDL, pick weight
15 DB Bench Press
20 Lateral stepups, 10 ea.

Core homework:
**This is a new addition to the daily programming. The idea is an added “supplement” for core stability and skill building. This can be done after a class or on your own at home.**
3 sets of:
1:00 Plank Hold, pushup
:15 Rest
:30 static bird dog (cross crawl), each side
1:00 Rest