Workout of the Day

Tuesday 2.5.19

Tuesday 2.5.19

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*Video will be posted to YouTube after if you don’t have Facebook.

A. Warmup:
1:00 Banded Shoulder Distraction, ea.
100 Banded Pull Aparts

B. For total reps
:20 on / :10 off x 8 each
-Rest 1:00
Straight Leg Situps
-Rest 1:00
Ring Rows
-Rest 1:00
Back extensions

*Complete all of one movement, rest 1:00, then move to the next movement

C. Cooldown/Accessory:
3 x 10 ea,
Front raise, Lateral Raise, Reverse Fly
2:00 Lizard Stretch, ea.

3 rounds of:
20 Row Cals, AFAP
1:00 Plank Hold