Workout of the Day

Tuesday 11.27.18

Tuesday 11.27.18

*tune in tonight to our FACEBOOK PAGE for a live video talk on nutrition. The topic tonight is about PROTEIN and why it essential to every successful nutrition program.

A. Warmup:
3 sets of:
10 One Leg RDL, ea.
5 Windmills, ea.
10 Light DB Bench

B. OTM for 10:00
5 Thrusters, 135/95
*weight is meant to be moderate to heavy. Keep in mind you’ll have 50 total reps.

C. Every 6:00 x 3
800m Run
*80% effort. Focus on pace. try to get within :05 of each interval.

D. Cooldown:
2:00 hurdler stretch, ea.