Workout of the Day

Monday 03/03/14

A few announcements:

As you all know, we go by Grapevine School Districts inclement weather policy. Please check the website for updates on this for morning classes only.

If you are redoing 14.1, you must have signed-up with a coach to do so during Open Gym.

A. Back Squat 10-10-10
-65% of 1RM

B. RDL 5×5
-45% of DL 1RM

C. AMRAP 5:00
5 Burpee Box Jumps
10 Straight Leg Sit-Ups




Workout of the Day

Friday 09/13/13

If you haven’t already make sure to sign-up for the Grapevine Gauntlet, our in-house competition! Please make sure to register early or you might not be guaranteed a shirt size! Information here: Sign-Up Links and Information

Power Jerk 1RM
-find in 15:00


For Completion:

Hand-Release Push-Ups
Straight Leg Sit-Ups

Workout of the Day

Saturday 06/08/13

Happy Birthday Kelly Hernandez!

Reminder there is ONLY a 9am class today. 10am is cancelled.

Come out to suppoer your GVCF Masters Competitors at The Wodfather Games!

3 rounds:
1:00 Flutter Kicks/ Partner plank hold
1:00 DB Push Press/ Partner squat hold
1:00 DB Deadlift/ Partner plank hold
1:00 SL Sit-ups/ Partner Squat hold
2:00 Rest

-One partner completes the movements while the other does the designated hold, then they will switch and complete the opposite
-After they have completed both the movements and holds there is a rest period of 2:00