Workout of the Day

Wednesday 11/3/10

Pistol Work, 10:00


For time:
Compare to 11/4/09



*Post pistol accomplishment/reps and time to comments

-Optional Weekly Homework:

A. 10 x 100m sprints, walk to start
B. 2 mile TT
*To be done on different days

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Some of our amazing community! Halloween Helen day
Workout of the Day

Friday 10/8/10

Deadlift 10-10-10
-increase weight each time


3 rounds of:

10 KTE’s
10 Pullups
Rest 2:00
*UNBROKEN, if you fall off the bar you have to restart the round.

*Post loads to comments

READ: “Dietart Fat Quality and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention: A Unified Theory Based on Evolutionary, Historical, Global, and Modern Perspectives”

Air Jodi and Brenda!
Air Jodi and Brenda!

Workout of the Day

Friday 10/1/10

Happy October!

Death by Pull-up
With a running clock do the following:
One pull-up the first minute,
Two pull-ups the second minute,
Three pull-ups the third minute,
Continue as long as you are able.
If you cannot finish the # of reps for a given round your workout is over.
*Post number of rounds to comments.

READ: All About Gluten – Long but if you can get through it, it will be worth the trouble!

JD Deadlifting