Workout of the Day

Saturday 03/22/14

In Teams of 2:
50 Reps per station – as one partner works, the other holds the KB
KB cannot touch the floor
If the KB touches the floor, 15 Burpee penalty

Overhead Lunges w/plate
Ring Dips
Wall Balls
Box Jumps

*No Bands, Sub Box Dips
*Pistols assisted on box




Workout of the Day

Tuesday 01/14/14

Congratulations to the ladies who competed in the “World Wide WOD” Competition this weekend! All finished in the top 10!

A. Weighted Pistol Work

B. For Time:
100 Box Jumps 24m/20w
80 KB Swings 53m/35w
60 HR Push-Ups
40 Pull-Ups
20 Power Clean and Jerk 155m/110w

-No Step-Ups
-20:00 Cut-Off

Workout of the Day

Friday 08/16/13

Friday, August 16th the Europa Individual Battle will begin at 2pm at the Dallas Convention Center. Come out and support GVCF! Some athletes competing (Sorry if we missed anyone):
“RX”: Brandon, Josh, Casey T.
“Scaled”: Taylor, Drew, Victor, Scott, Jesse L., Shane T.

A. 10:00 Pistol Work
-Scale-Up: Weighted

B. Weighted Push-Ups 5-5-5-5-5-5
-Add weight each set

C. “Heavy Grace”
-Compare to 6/17/13

Workout of the Day

Friday 05/24/13

Happy Birthday Melissa S.!!!

REMINDER: We will be closed following Noon class today thru Sunday. Monday we have ONE work-out at 10am for Memorial Day Murph!

For Time:
30 Wall-Balls
30 CTB Pull-Ups
30 Pistols (alternating)
30 DB Snatch (alternating)

*10:00 cut-off

*Post loads and times to comments

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