Workout of the Day

Saturday 03/15/14

In teams of 4, complete 4 rounds “relay style”
400m Run
10 DB Snatch (5 each arm)
20 Lunges
30 Sit-Ups
40 Double Unders

** In relay style, the next team member cannot start until the team member immediately in front clears the station. The first team member cannot start the next round until the last team member finishes the prior round.
** 30 minute cut-off.
** Sub 100 singles for 40 doubles.


Workout of the Day

Thursday 02/27/14

A. Ring Dips 10-10-10-10-10
-scale up weighted

B. “Death by Curtis P”
Curtis P=1 Power Clean, 2 Lunges, 1 Push Press

Minute : 1 Curtis P
Minute 2: 1 Curtis P + 1 Curtis P
Minute 3: 1 Curtis P + 1 Curtis P + 1 Curtis P

….continue up the ladder until you cannot complete those Curtis P’s in the minute

-Lunges in place, forward or reverse

2012 CF Open


Workout of the Day

Saturday 10/05/13

In teams of 4:

200 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
100m Buddy Carry
200 Squats
100m Buddy Carry
200 Lunges
100m Buddy Carry
200 HR Push-Ups
100m Buddy Carry
200 Wall-Balls
100m Buddy Carry

*One person working at a time on movements, split equally
*One “pair” carrying at a time
*Sub OH Plate Carry for Buddy Carry


Workout of the Day

Saturday 06/22/13

ATTENTION: There will be some changes to Saturday class times starting July 6th. We will still have the 9am community workout and will drop the 10am workout. In place of the 10am workout will be an open gym time from 10-12pm with a different posted workout from the 9am class. Childcare will still be provided at the 9am class on a sign up basis. July will be a test month to determine if we keep the schedule. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Team WOD: (teams of 3-4)

AMRAP in 18:00

Pace setter: 30 burpees

10 lunges
10 KB swings

Notes: Partner A will start with 30 burpees. The other partners will do the AMRAP with one person working at a time. When partner A finishes their burpees they will move to the AMRAP while Partner B begins 30 burpees. So goes the cycle for 18:00.