Workout of the Day

Wednesday 05/13/15

Don’t forget to see our Regionals Weekend Schedule:

Friday, May15th:
Classes: 530am, 6am, 3-530pm Open Gym, 530pm
Cancelled: 8am, 930am, AM Open, Noon
Grapevine CrossFit Team: 9am and 10:50am Work-Outs

Saturday: Gym is Closed, GVCF Team times TBA

Sunday: Gym is Closed, GVCF Team times TBA

Come out to support Grapevine CrossFit as one of two affiliate teams from the DFW to be competing at the CrossFit South Regionals. This is a big accomplishment and we are so proud of all the hard work they have put in!


A. Warm-Up: 3 Rounds,
5 Rep Bear Complex 95m/65w
1 rep of Bear= 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press + 1 Back Squat + 1 Push Press
-can combine movements

B. Back Squat 10-10-10

C. Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

D. Glute-Ham Raises 5×5


GVCF-Run Club
6am, Grapevine Middle School Track

20-40-60-80-100 Sprints
-rest as needed between
Shuttle: start at goal line 0->20->0->40->0->60, etc




Workout of the Day

Thursday 03/05/15

PLEASE ADVISE: Morning classes are cancelled due to local school districts being closed.
We will begin classes at Noon.

The second CrossFit Open Work-Out will be announced tonight at 7pm! We will be hosting the live announcement again this week. Please be mindful of the other classes going on at this time while here! Please also make sure to sign-up for when you will need a judge. If you are re-doing a work-out as the weekend continues you will need to sign-up again.

A. Warm-Up
4×:20 Seated Pike Stretch, remember to keep your arms straight by your ears and work towards keeping your back as flat as possible.
pike stretch

4x :20 Box Hamstring Stretch, walk your hands closer and closer to the box until you feel a stretch in your shoulders and hamstrings.


B. Back Squat 3×10 @ 65%

C. Front Squat 3×5 @ 75%

D. 5×10 GHD Sit-Ups
-Scale up: Weighted
-Scale down 3×10, 5×5

Throwback Thursday, May 2011
Workout of the Day

Wednesday 02/18/15

Don’t forget the first meeting for the Grapevine CrossFit Running Club will be at 6am. Brandon will be here the first day as well. This is a FREE club and opportunity to get together for something people hate to do (or love…).
Grapevine Middle School Track
301 Pony Parkway
Grapevine, TX 76051

*Bring a time keeping device and dress for cold weather.

GVCF-RC Track Work-Out:
A. 400m x4
B. 200m x8
C. 100m x10-Cut-off is 45:00


A. Back Squat 3×10
-60% of 1RM

B. Front Squat 3×5
-70% of 1RM

C. Glute Ham Raises, up to 30 reps


Workout of the Day

Tuesday 02/10/15

“The Open, even more so this year, is a qualifier for a very small percentage of the participants. For the other 100,000 or more of you, there is very little pressure. Just like every other day of the year, it’s an opportunity to create goals and attack them, to test yourself and compare your performance to last year, and an opportunity to expect your best performance possible. What makes this different from any other day? There is no need to inflict unnecessary pressure on yourself and destructively compare yourself to Games athletes who have made this their livelihood and job. If you expect the best from yourself every day and enjoy exercising with your friends, the Open is just another day of doing what you love.”
– Read more here

A. Back Squat 10-10-10
-57.5% of 1RM

B. Front Squat 5-5-5
-67.5% of 1RM

C. 3x max rep strict pull-ups
-3-5:00 rest between sets