Workout of the Day

Friday 8/15/14

We are celebrating Grapevine CrossFit turning 5! What a journey it’s been and we’d love to have all of you celebrate with us!
Join us at Chill in Grapevine October 4th @ 2:00pm-6:00pm for some food, drinks, and fun! It’s a great opportunity to meet other members and mingle with your fellow athletes! Adults only, and we are asking you only bring significant others or close family.
We will have food provided in the back bar area, but we are free to mingle throughout the whole establishment.

Please add yourself to the group and join if you plan on coming! Facebook event click here.

Strict Press Biathlon
800m Run
21 Unbroken* Strict Press, 115m/75w
800m Run
18 Unbroken* Strict Press
800m Run

15 Unbroken* Strict Press,

*200m Run penalty must be completed any time the strict press is broken.
You may rest in the rack position, any bend in knees is considered a break

-30:00 Cut-Off, Scale accordingly

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Workout of the Day

Friday 06/27/14

Make sure to take a look at our 2014 Paleo Challenge and Athlete’s Challenge Information if you haven’t already!

A. 10:00 HS work

B. For Time:
10 Muscle-Ups*
20 HSPU**
30 Hang Cleans 115m/85w
800m run

*Sub Bar Muscle Ups, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, Ring Rows
**No more than 1 abmat

A big congrats to these 2 on their recent engagement! Guess where they met you guys?!
A big congrats to these 2 on their recent engagement! Guess where they met you guys?!
Workout of the Day

Friday 09/27/13

NO 5:30pm class today, mandatory Grapevine Gauntlet meeting in place of this. There will also be no classes on Saturday the 28th due to the event.
You can set-up tents and chairs outside Saturday morning. Athletes are required to check in at 8:30am AT THE LATEST.
The kids room will be closed during the event, please plan accordingly.

CrossFit Warm-Up


3 Rounds
800m run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-Ups


“1/2 Michael”
3 rounds:
400m run
25 Supermans
25 Sit-Ups


Workout of the Day

Saturday 08/17/13

Happy Birthday Ashley B.!

Teams of 2:
40 KB Lunges
50 KB DeadliFts
60 Burpees
70 KB Swings
800m Run

One KB for ALL movements. One teammate working at a time for DL, burpees and Swings. Both teammates finish the run together.

Looking for things to do today??

Saturday, August 17th the Europa Team Battle will begin at 9am at the Dallas Convention Center:
“RX”: Matt, Adam, Shannon, Bevin
“Scaled”: Lanny, Guy, Jayme, Ellie
“Scaled”: Billy, Lance, Sandra, Jenny
“Scaled”: Kyle, Jesse M., Nicole, Courtney

Saturday, August 17th the “No Baby, Leave the Socks On” Women’s Only Competition at CrossFit Burleson, athletes competing (again we apologize if we missed anyone):
Courtney D., Erica, Stephanie, Cori, Jessica, Christa