Workout of the Day

Thursday 2/11/10

*Day 42 of 100 Days of Pushups

Clean & Jerk Drills w/ bar
3 burpees for each “missed” jerk

KB Complex: (10x each arm)

One arm KB Swing
KB Clean & Jerk
KB Snatch
KB Windmill
One arm KB Swing

Switch arms after each complex.

A good explanation on why we get fat…

Workout of the Day

Wednesday 2/10/10

NOTE: Last call on jump ropes. Order goes out TODAY!

*Day 41 of 100 Days of Pushups

Pull back week, day 3.

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
70% of 1RM

4 Rounds, not for time of:

400m Run
15 OHS, 45M, 35W
At or below an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of 12.

“The Colbert Report: The Caveman Diet, John Durant – the interview starts 15:00 into the show (after the 2nd break). Good stuff.

Workout of the Day

Thank You's & Announcements!

We have a some thank you’s and announcements that are due after this past weekend.

THANK YOUS are in order for:

  • Lee and his family for opening up their home for the GVCF Paleo Party Saturday night. Above and beyond what we could have asked for. Lee, you have a lovely home and a wonderful family. We look forward to your next hosted party! (hint, hint…)
  •  To everyone who showed up to the party with Paleo approved dishes and drinks in hand. The food was AMAZING, and the friendships are priceless.  More of these type group events to come!
  • To everyone that showed up to support our athletes at the CrossFit FXTX “Games Unleashed”, on Saturday. Nothing beats support from your community when you need it the most! Thanks!


  • 30 Day Paleo Check-In, Feb. 11th….everyone bring their food log! Prizes for those who have stuck with it!
  • Share a lifetime of health with your sweetheart, and come out smelling like roses!  This Saturday, bring your significant other to our 9AM workout and introduce them to your GVCF family!  There will be plenty of WOD love to go around.
  • Dr. Kelly will have a special Valentine for everyone!
  • After our special Valentine’s Day workout, we are going to hit up our favorite dining spot, Uncle Julio’s, for some PWO recovery brunch. Come one, Come all!
Workout of the Day

Monday 2/8/2010

NOTE: Last call on jump ropes. Order goes out Wednesday morning.

*Day 39 of 100 Days of Pushups

This week is going to be a laid back week. Everyone got hammered last week! Enjoy it while it lasts…

*Gymnastics work:

Anything body weight goes. We will work on skills, practice with drills, and each class will formulate their own 10 minute workout based on the movements we worked on in class.

Workout of the Day

Saturday 2/6/10

*Day 37 of 100 Days of Pushups

NO CLASSES TODAY!!! Come out and support the “CrossFit FXTX Games Unleashed. We have 2 members competing in the fun. Start time is 8am. Get a chance to see some good action, meet some great people, and see what kind of world class community that’s out there! Hope to see you there.

ALSO, the Paleo Party is tonight at Lee Johnson’s house. Start time is 6pm. There will be plenty of food, drink, and friendship (and its ALL paleo approved!). Hope to see you there!!!

At Home WOD:

1 burpee, 1 broad jump
2 burpees, 2 broad jumps
3 Burpees, 3 broad jumps
…up to 10, back down to 1. ENJOY!

Gotta love crab walks!!!
Gotta love crab walks!!! And Bear Crawls...???

Workout of the Day

Friday 2/5/10

*Day 36 of 100 Days of Pushups

“I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s all over the news. People are finally beginning to come around to that inconvenient truth about our feet, that dirty little secret that shoe companies would prefer to keep under wraps: barefoot is better.

There has been media coverage of the barefoot trend in the past, mostly intermittent, in running magazines and always taking a patronizing tone. It follows the same formula: more idle speculation on a bizarre fad that a select few crazies are promoting, with plenty of “balance” from stuffy foot specialists expressing doubt that the inherently fragile, gentle human foot could ever withstand the rigors of walking unshod without “serious injury,” than any serious consideration of the merits. But now we’ve got a nice, juicy study to hang our hats (or our shoes) on, and media outlets are falling over themselves to get the scoop.”
Excerpt from: “A Sea of Change Coming to Wash Your Shoes Away”

-NOTE: There will be NO CLASSES Saturday 2/6/2010.  We will be at CrossFit FXTX supporting the “CrossFit FXTX Games Unleashed”. The event starts at 8am and ends when we are done. Come on out! MORE INFO HERE.


Workout of the Day

Thursday 2/4/10

*Day 35 of 100 Days of Pushups

-Everyone has been working hard for the past month! We are almost officially 4 weeks into our 90 day Paleo/Primal Challenge. Has the hard work paid off? Has your cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, speed, balance, and accuracy all improved? Is it getting any easier to make the right decisions when eating, whether it be with friends, family or out in a restaurant? List out one or many major accomplishments from the past 4 weeks, be it in the gym or on your own!


Workout of the Day

Wednesday 2/3/10

*Day 34 of 100 Days of Pushups

We all have had our “bad days” at the gym. You know what I’m talking about! Those days when nothing seems to go right: you had a hard time getting out of bed, a long day at the office, argued with someone along the way, bills are stacking up, whatever. Sometimes this stuff carries over into your workout time. The weight that you could do last week all the sudden feels heavy, your legs on a 400m run will not work and are like carrying two sacks of concrete, 1 burpee feels like 100. I want you to know, that these are NORMAL feelings! This stuff happens on occasion.  When its starts happening more often then not, is when you need to start paying attention [more on this later]. I know some of us, myself included have felt run down the last couple weeks due to the new eating guidelines. Last week was tough. I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sunday and Monday of this week were still rough, but yesterday (Tuesday) it was on. Strength was back up, general feeling of wellness is back in, stamina back up as well. There’s hope! Share some experiences. What are those days like for you? How do you handle them? Discuss in comments…


Everyone welcome Kevin and Laura!


Saturday Agenda!

This Saturday Feb. 6th we will be closed and resume regular hours on Monday… Why you ask?!

-We will post a Saturday WOD you can do at home since we will not be open-

*8:00 AM:  the FXTX Games…a local friendly competition….where some of our GVCF athletes will be competing!

-More details here.

*6:00 PM: Lee Johnson will be holding a Paleo Pot Luck Party. Sign-up Sheet is at the gym!

Welcome Tony! He moves too fast so I couldn't get a non blurry picture...