Congratulations to all of the participants of the 60 Day Paleo Challenge! Prizes will be given out on Monday! Scores were calculated based off food log points, working out twice a week, pounds lost, inches lost (x100), and difference of Jackie times in seconds.

1st Place: Sarah Gates with 17 pounds lost, 10.5 inches down!
2nd Place: Stephanie Sims 13 pounds and 8 inches
3rd Place: Ted Winter: 10 pounds and 6 inches

Some honorable mentions should be made!
Brian Bachman (7 pounds and 7.5 inches lost)
Jodi M. (14 pounds and 7.5 inches lost)
Katie H. (10 pounds and 6.5 inches)
Gary Gilbert (13 pounds and 6 inches)
Bill Deppe (12.5 pounds and 5.5 inches)
Tim Stewart (15 pounds and 5.5 inches)
Keith Squires (15.5 pounds and 5.5 inches)
Scott Decker (11 pounds and 5.5 inches)
JD Shrout (17 pounds and 5.5 inches)
Angie Shrout (10 pounds and 3.5 inches)
Christa and Shane Moore (1 pound and 2 inches, 5 pounds and 4 inches)

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Even if food logs were not kept, a change in lifestyle was made!