Workout of the Day

Monday 4.8.19

Monday 4.8.19

Today starts our #gvcfallornothingchallenge. If for any reason you haven’t seen or heard what this is, check the last 2 workout posts for the info. We will allow signups through today. 

A. Warmup:
3 sets of:
10 banded good mornings
10 Goblet Squats
5 Windmills, ea.
*warm up to starting squat weight

B. 5 Rounds of:
5 Heavy Back Squats
-500m/350m row after each set
*pace row at 70% of 500m TT

C. Cooldown:
2:30 Couch Stretch, ea.

AMRAP in 6:00
20 DU’s
10 GHD Situps