Workout of the Day

Monday 12.3.18

Monday 12.3.18

A. Warmup:
2:00 Couch Stretch, ea.
3 sets of:
5 RDL: bar, add weight, add weight
7 Ring Rows, :03 up, :03 down
9 light med ball hops

B. AMRAP in 15:00
30 Double Unders
15 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders
15 Toes 2 bar
*Sub Straight legged situps for T2B/Lateral -or- medball hops for DU’s

C. Cooldown:
3 sets of:
1:00 Lizard, ea.
10 Front Raise + 10 Lateral Raise

Core Homework:
**This is a new addition to the daily programming. The idea is an added “supplement” for core stability and skill building. This can be done after a class or on your own at home.**
50 Renegade Rows (25 ea.)
:03 plank hold between each row.
*Any breaks = 20 AbMat Situps