We are so excited about opening up on June 1st! We cannot thank you enough for your continued support during this time. We know this has been a tough experience for all and look forward to working towards getting back to normal! We have a lot of information to share so please be sure to read all of the information CAREFULLY. Please know that we will be erring on the side of caution as we transition through re-opening fully and will do so in  phases. Your health is our biggest priority!

Here’s a full explanation on our opening process:

As you know, we will open June 1st. Class times will be limited while we remain in Phase 1 as well as class capacity to no more than 8 athletes per class. This is only temporary as we will gradually increase class times and sizes once we move into further phases. Open gym will be included in further phases. CLASS SIZE IS CURRENTLY AT 12 PER CLASS.

We will require all athletes to register for classes.  Class registration will be available 72 hours  7 Days in advance with each class requiring a minimum of 3 hours to cancel. There will be a $15 no show fee applied if not cancelled within the 3 hour timeframe, including “late cancellations” (within 3 hours of the class). We want to be fair to everyone and make sure all available slots are filled.

If you try to register for a class and its full, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist in Push Press. If that class time becomes available, you will receive an alert that it let’s you know that slot is available. If you’re unfamiliar, the video below will walk you through how to register for a class.

GVCF Guidelines for Phase 1

  • Classes will meet at 5:30 AM, 8AM, 5PM and 6:15PM (except Fridays 4PM and 5:15PM) Friday’s at 5:15pm & 8am and 9am on Saturday. We also have Open Gym times Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3pm – 5pm. We plan to open up more times soon (dated as of Oct. 1)
  • Total athletes per class: 12
  • Each athlete will have a designated 8×8 workout area separated 8′ from the next athlete.
  • The coach on duty will check members temp upon arrival.
  • Athletes must pre-register for spots.
    • If class is full, they will be placed on a wait list.
    • Athletes will be allowed to register 72 hours 7 days in advance.
    • Athlete’s will have 3 hours to cancel reservation. If no shows or does not cancel within adequate time, a $15 fee will be applied. Again, we want to ensure that all spots are utilized for those wishing to use them.
  • No “walk-ins” allowed.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to class sizes.
  • No personal items allowed in warmup area.  Athlete will bring any personal items to their work station.
  • For the time being, kids will not be allowed at the gym.
  • Water machine will NOT be available to use. Athlete must bring their own water.
  • Community chalk is no longer permitted.
  • Cubbies are no longer available.
  • If recent travel out of US or a “hot spot” area, athlete must disclose prior to registering.
  • No drop-ins will be allowed through phase 1. We will reserve all slots for current members.
  • Limit restroom use if possible.
    • We will ask all members to try and use the restroom prior to arriving but understand that some may need to use it during that hour.
  • Shower use is prohibited.
  • Masks are NOT required, but feel free to wear one.

General Flow of Class

Athletes wait outside  and will be called in one by one.  Coach will stand in entry area by kiosk.  Athlete will use hand sanitizer upon entry.  Coach will do a temp check on athlete.  A temp of 100.4 or greater is considered a positive finding. (see protocol for illness).

Upon completion of temp check, coach will assign athlete a number and athlete will walk to number in warmup area.

Once all athletes have completed the initial step and while the members are in the warmup are the coach will discuss the general flow of class which is as follows:

  • Coach will discuss work stations.
  • All equipment will be in designated area including cleaning supplies for each athlete.
  • Athlete may bring personal items to their station only.
  • All equipment including proper weights will be at work station.
  • Athlete will not leave work station for equipment needs.
    • If for any reason an additional piece of equipment is needed, the coach will get it for the athlete.
  • Coach will discuss proper way to clean equipment after workout.  This will include cleaning equipment with appropriate contact time of cleaner, wiping ALL areas of equipment, and taking dirty paper towels to trash can upon exiting.  All equipment will stay in work stations. (Coach will clean equipment again after class with a different disinfectent)
  • Coach will discuss workout, demo and answer any questions related to workout.
  • Coach will discuss proper pathway for athlete to enter workstation.  Follow tape on lines for stations 1-3, 4-6, etc. Athlete must stay on pathway for entry and exit.
  • Coach will discuss the process of exiting gym after workout and equipment wipe down.
  • Athlete wipes down equipment with disinfectant provided at each station.
  • Each athlete will exit one at a time (example workstation 1, 2, 3, etc.).
  • Upon leaving athlete will use hand sanitizer and exit building.

We understand that we all miss each other! We ask that all socializing take place in parking lot.

Equipment Rental Returns

We will be collecting all equipment rentals on Saturday May 30th.  If you rented a KB or DB, you will be allowed to keep if desired and we ask that you bring it with you for each class you attend if the workout requires it.  Once you complete the workout, you can bring it back home with you to use on days that you continue to workout at home. Please keep an eye for a separate email regarding equipment rental returns.

Continuation of Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes have ended. We understand that some members may not be ready to return to group classes. We will continue to offer virtual class times via Zoom.  Virtual classes will be available to join into our regular group class times.  Virtual class times will meet at the same time as group classes starting June 1.

How Will We Monitor and What If I’m Sick?

We understand that some of you may be nervous about coming back and some aren’t concerned at all. We respect all views and will do our best to accommodate everyone. Again, our goal is to keep our community and staff well and safe. Guidelines and procedures have been put in place to keep GVCF as clean as possible as well as monitor all members that come through the door.  We are in an environment that produces a lot of sweat and heavy breathing. For that reason, we have implemented the policies listed below to help keep the best interest of everyone involved in mind.

Protocol For Screening and Illness

We understand that this is a lot of information so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! Also note that all of the above is temporary and we will make adjustments when appropriate. Please remember that virtual classes will remain available as long as needed.

We also understand that everyone is eager to get back to it as we are too! We are learning along the way and continue to follow CDC guidelines so things may change as needed. Our goal is to do everything we can to keep the gym operating and open. We want to thank you again for your continued support and for being a part of our community.  We are so thankful for you and are glad that we have been able to maintain some community even if it’s been in a virtual setting.

We can’t wait to see you soon!