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Friday Fire: Maggie Haley

Friday Fire: Maggie Haley

???Friday Fire???

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Maggie McCarthy Haley then you’re missing out. Her and Allen Haley have been such a great addition to the gym. Maggie, it’s been such a pleasure having you around! Here’s her CrossFit story:

I am so grateful for Grapevine CrossFit. Thank you for providing such an awesome opportunity for me/Allen to improve our health while creating wonderful friendships.

As a young girl, I was 5 foot 8, rail thin, and told that I would be no good at running. That translated to me being no good at sports. I was/am an avid swimmer, but never attempted any other form of exercise until I met Allen in 1996. I started running here and there, and the next thing you know, I completed a few 1/2 marathons. I started working out with a trainer, but never felt inspired, or that I was doing anything right.

2 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The following year was brutal on my body–the radiation caused swelling (lymphedema), weight gain, and pain everywhere. I was at wit’s end. I read about “New You” last November at Prime–I had no idea it was actually CrossFit. It just sounded perfect for me–50 years of age and older (I was 51), improving my life through diet and exercise. While I stuck with it for 12 weeks, I still didn’t feel the benefits. (There was no “diet” info, either)

Allen asked me to join him at CrossFit–I was scared to death! I couldn’t even do a proper push up–the thought of doing a burpee terrified me. However, Allen was persistent, and I started fundamentals last March with Jordan. I have been going to class 2-4 times/week since.

When I started, I just wanted to feel better. The pain and swelling I had caused me to become inactive, to the point where I could not get myself out of the bathtub without help. I couldn’t even take my shirt off over my head.

Now, almost 10 months later, I have accomplished so much! I can do proper pushups, burpees, and box jumps! I can’t remember the last time I felt this good, both physically and mentally. The bonus I have found with Grapevine CrossFit is this–the community. What a wonderful group of people! It means so much to go to class, knowing that you have support and understanding from virtually everyone. I didn’t know I was missing out.

I could truly go anywhere to workout/get healthy–however, I could never find the family I have found at Grapevine CrossFit. Thank you so much for including me.


Maggie Haley