Workout of the Day

Tuesday 9/08/09

Squat Clean:
Work up to a heavy single to prepare for WOD.

Five rounds for time of:

7 Squat Cleans
15 Handstand Pushups

Clean (and not the house)
Cleans by Annie Sakamoto (for the women)
Clean Faults
Handstand Pushup Variations

NUTRITION READING: “Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food”
– Normally I don’t read TIME magazine, but I was checking out at CVS yesterday and this cover story caught my attention.  It is actually a pretty good read and has a lot of good info about why we should eat “organic”, “natural”, “humanely treated”, “antibiotic free” foods.

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Deb gettin' her handstand on.
Workout of the Day

Sunday 9/6/09 Relax & Recover & Nutrition

Today is a day to relax and get ready for Labor Day.  Go for a walk with your family or dog. Spend some time at the pool. Hang out in the sun to get some much needed Vitamin D.  Point: Do something to actively recover and don’t push yourself. Recovery, among other things, is key to make the necessry and wanted gains in ANY training program. So, have a fun and safe weekend and RELAX!

Sunday’s Nutritional Reading 

As you can probably tell, I follow the site that was attached to both links. It is a great site with knowlegable writers. If you have some down time I would suggest going through some of the material.

Announcements, Workout of the Day


We will be holding our FREE INTRODUCTORY WORKOUT for those people with little to no CrossFit experience from 10-11am on Saturday. If you have been curious as to what CrossFit  is all about, here is your chance.  All exercises and workouts are scalable to match any fitness level.

*We will be holding class for our members from 11-12pm

Member Workout:

Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Rest 5:00

7 Rounds for time of
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Burpees

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Workout of the Day

Monday 8/31/09

For Time:
Squat Clean, 10 Reps
50 Situps
Squat Clean, 8 Reps
40 Situps
Squat Clean, 6 Reps
30 Situps
Squat Clean, 4 Reps
20 Situps
Squat Clean, 2 Reps
10 Situps

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Squat Cleans


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Grapevine CrossFit will be closed tomorrow morning (9/1/09) and will reopen for afternoon classes.