Workout of the Day

Monday 11/23/09

Front Squat 21-15-9
Increase weight each set
(good estimate would be 50%, 75%, 100% of body weight, and those are only parameters)


5 rounds of:

1 Clean, 95% of 1 RM
3 Burpees
5 KB swings, heavy

NOTE: Bring pants on Wednesday for rope climbing work if you think you need them!

Omlet Muffins


Pic 1: Kim & Brit workin’ hard
Pic 2: Recovery after a team WOD (which will show up at some point) at the BBS. Darrin Deaton (left, CrossFit Fort Worth), Koy Nichols (Center, CrossFit Deep), Ben Kelly (Right, CrossFit Performance): Side note about Ben: He is originally from Australia and a complete animal. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that he probably wrestles Great White sharks in his spare time…

*I had the chance to ponder some things this weekend, and as I sit here this morning completely wrecked from 3 days of sitting with 3 hard workouts thrown in, I can’t help but be reminded of the importance of rest & recovery.  These are two things that all of us must take seriously or some serious issues can arise: fatigue, injury, burnout just to name a few.  I didn’t get the chance to foam roll, or pop my fish oil all weekend, and I am definitely feeling its effects today.  I have not been this sore in a very long while. So, just for a friendly reminder on a Monday morning, lets keep a close eye on our recovery and resting methods. Here are some helpful hints:

1. Good QUALITY sleep.  It doesn’t matter that you slept for 8-9 hours! What matters is that you are feeling rested when you awake showing signs that you have had some deep sleep.
2. Stretching and foam rolling. I know you aren’t doing it. So after your morning and/or evening showers, stretch. Stretch after workout, stretch at your desk. All you need is a minute to hit your hamstrings so there is no excuse. Come into class a little early or stay a little later and hit the foam roller. We do this at the beginning and end of workouts MOST days so lets keep up with it.
3. Take a quality fish oil supplement. 3+ grams a day. Good companies are Nordic Narturals, Norwegian Naturals, Barleans, Natural Factors, Kirklands just to name a few.
4. Try cold showers and contrast showers. This is to help get rid of the trash that builds up in your muscles! And yes I realize cold water is uncomfortable but it really does help with the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). A good strategy for contrasting showers is 1-1:30 hot water and :30-1:00 cold water for 3-6 rotations. And maximum recovery is a full on cold shower.
5. Practice PROPER nutrition. Drop the bagel, get rid of the cereal, ditch the bread! For the love lets get of the grain train people. Follow these simple guidelines and you WILL have great success: Eat meat & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO sugar.

-That’s all I have today. Now hit it hard for the next 3 days and get ready for Thanksgiving!!!

Workout of the Day

Black Box Summit

Brandon is currently at CrossFit Central for the Black Box Summit.

 Over 40 affiliates from across the country traveled to Austin to listen to speakers, share ideas, and concepts with other CrossFit affiliate business owners.

There will be pictures and videos updated hourly to:


Workout of the Day

Wednesday 11/18/09

Sandbag 5k, 40#

Rules: This is a group effort. The entire class will run together with a 40# sandbag.  One person will be carrying the bag at a time. This is a team building day. Everyone must work together. Don’t avoid the gym today or there will be consequences and repercussions for absentees. Now have some fun.

Robb Wolf on Insulin Resistance
Get Off the Ibuprofen Peoples!

Lee & Kim. Nice work!
Lee & Kim. Nice work!
Workout of the Day

Monday 11/16/09

Heavy Thruster Fran

Thrusters, 135M, 95W

*Post time and load to comments


*Kids in action: notice that they squat hamstrings to calves NATURALLY!!!  Heck, the first kid just sat in that position for around 10 minutes. Where does this natural ability go? When did we lose this natural ability?  No one has ever told these kiddos that squatting like this is going to hurt them, its what your body is supposed to do NATURALLY!!! (pics taken from a gathering hosted by some friends of ours)
Why do We Grow up and Lose Our Childlike Wonder???

Workout of the Day

Sunday 11/16/09

Hats off to another great week group!

A few happenings around the gym:

Congrats to Doug to finishing 10th overall in the Men's Division @ the Mud Run!!! ....CrossFit WORKS! And the natural ability to run, but that's a minor detail.
Congrats to Doug for finishing 10th overall in the Men's Division @ the Mud Run!!!
Kenneth (smiling for the camera) finished fundamentals and now will be joining the weekly classes! Welcome Kenneth everyone!
Kenneth (smiling for the camera) finished fundamentals and now will be joining the weekly classes! Welcome Kenneth everyone!
Welcome Kim to the classes everyone!
Welcome Kim to the classes everyone!
Also welcome Brittany!
Also welcome Brittany!

Finally, Erica has shown great progress...check out her big girl weights!
Finally, Erica has shown great progress…check out her big girl weights!

Rest and Recover….we will see you all Monday!

Workout of the Day

Friday 11/13/09

FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!

Weighted Pullups:
-Max effort with ascending weight x 8 sets
-Rest 2-4:00 between sets


Max Rope Climbs -or- Max 3x climb assists
as many as you can get from the end of your pullup sets to the end of class.

Yet another reason why we CrossFit: pshycos like Jason Vorhees...
Yet another reason why we CrossFit: pshycos like Jason Vorhees...
Yet another reason why we CrossFit and get strong: Zombie Attacks
and viscious Zombie attacks!

“How to Kill a Zombie: Civil Undead Protection”

“How to Kill a Zombie” (WARNING: A little more edgy than the first video)