Workout of the Day

Tuesday 01/06/15

Every year around this time we see a huge increase in goal setting for the new year. This is a good thing, and this article breaks it down nicely to help our fellow members set and hold on to these resolutions.
Our favorite: “Having Support Around You.” This is something the coaches and community at Grapevine CrossFit have been so proud of. We are here and never to busy to help each and every one of you to be better. Whether it’s setting a new lift PR, healthier habits at home, or just needing to unload about you week…that’s what makes this a place a home away from home, not just a gym.


A. Warm-Up
OTM for 9:00
Minute 1: Max Effort L-Sit (Boxes or Rings)
Minute 2: 200m run
Minute 3: Max Effort HS Hold
-You must at least accumulate :20 on the holds each round

B. OTM for 10:00
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch
-Heavy, sets across

C. 3 Rounds
1:00 Max Burpees
1:00 Max Double-Unders
1:00 Rest



Workout of the Day

Friday 12/13/13

A. 2 Position Power Snatch (hang/floor) x 6 sets

B. Snatch Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2
-As Heavy as Possible
-Do not drop from the top

C. 10:00 Ladder
1 HSPU, 5 KB Swings
2 HSPU. 5 KB Swings
3 HSPU, 5 KB Swings
-Continue up the ladder until you do not complete those reps in that minute, 10:00 cap on the ladder
-Scale HSPU accordingly, looking for full range of motion