Workout of the Day

Saturday 06/13/15

In Teams of 3:

AMRAP 15:00
T1: 200m run (Pace Setter)
T2: AMRAP 5 Push-Ups/ 10 Lunges
T3: 15 Straight Leg Sit-Ups

-rest 5:00

AMRAP 10:00
T1:  15 Burpees (Pace Setter)
T2 and T3: AMRAP 30 Flutter Kicks/ 15 Air Squats

The teammate that is running or doing burpees sets the pace. Other partners will do their work until the pace setters movement is complete. Then you switch and rotate.

Grapevine Middle School, 8am
4x800m run
-at the beginning of each complete 15 burpees and 30 air squats
-rest as needed between runs


Workout of the Day

Saturday 07/19/14

In Teams of 2, 4 minutes each station, rest 1:00 between each, complete sequence 2 times

Bar Hang/ 10 Burpees
Plank Hold/ 200m run
Bar Hang/ 10 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
Plank Hold/ 10 Air Squats

-One partner is in the static position while the other is working, then they switch
-If partner comes out of the bar hang or plank, the other partner must stop working until they are back into position


Workout of the Day

Saturday 01/04/14

In Teams of 2
Each team will have a bumper plate  to carry during the entire workout, if the bumper plate should fall or be set down the team will complete 20 burpees immediately
One person will work at a time, the other will carry/hold the bumper plate. On the 400m run, the plate can be switched off as needed.
3 Rounds:
100 Air Squats
400m Run
50 Push-Ups
20 Shuttles (30 yd out and back)
-Work-out is cut-off at 35 minutes for class
Workout of the Day

Saturday 03/23/13

Happy Birthday Emeka and Steve!

Reminder only 9am class today.

3 rounds:
1:00 Flutter Kicks/ Partner plank hold
1:00 DB Push Press/ Partner squat hold
1:00 DB Deadlift/ Partner plank hold
1:00 SL Sit-ups/ Partner Squat hold
2:00 Rest

-One partner completes the movements while the other does the designated hold, then they will switch and complete the opposite
-After they have completed both the movements and holds there is a rest period of 2:00

Workout of the Day

Monday 12/24/12

Reminder 9am and 10am classes ONLY today!

Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday Jesse M.!

In teams of 2:

“Twelve Days of Christmas” WOD:

100m run
2 (20m) Broad Jumps
3 Burpees
4 Box Dips
5 Pullups, CTB
6 Lunges, total
7 KTE’s
8 Box jumps
9 Pushups
10 Situps
11 Air Squats
12 KB Swings

-To be done in the form of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song: 1, 2-1, 3-2-1, 4-3-2-1, etc.