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Programs & Pricing

As always, your first work-out is FREE! You can come in to any one of our regular scheduled classes to check us out.
Saturdays at 9am are a great way to introduce yourself to the community, gym, and atmosphere!

*Payment/Pricing Info:
Payments will be made in the form of EFT at the beginning of each month. Flexible payments available in the form of 2 times per month: First half due on the 1st of month, and second half due on the 15th of month. Please contact us for a full price list.
*Drop-in rate of $15  , please e-mail or call us ahead of time

Hour long group session beginning with a warm-up, light skill work, Workout of the Day; ending with light stretch and recovery.

-Membership options vary, contact us for details.

*CrossFit Fundamentals Class
New to CrossFit?
The Fundamentals series is required prior to attendance of any group classes. With a small group or one-on-one you will learn the basic CrossFit movement techniques over four weeks of classes 3 times a week.  Upon release from the fundamentals class with proven proficiency in the basic CrossFit movements you will be able to attend regular classes.
-Includes 12 one hour sessions across a 4 week period for $200. Discounts applied for multiple sign-ups.  See Schedule for next round of fundamentals.
-Note: you are not required to participate in fundamentals if you have CrossFitted before.

*CrossFit Moms
CrossFit is a strength and intensity based fitness program. However, during pregnancy you want to concentrate
on strength and keeping your body healthy, rather than the intensity. All of our CrossFit moms participate in regular classes but scale as necessary. For more information visit:

*Grapevine CrossFit Kids
Educate and enthuse children and teens about functional fitness.

-Ages 5 to 7
-Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:30pm-5:00pm

GVCF Kids: Juniors & Seniors
-Ages 8-10 & 11-14
-Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4:30pm-5:30pm
-Led by Coach Bevin

*Personal Training
Ranges from One-on-One’s to Bootcamps

*Strength & Conditioning
For those who are looking to gain strength and endurance to accompany CrossFit or instead of high intensity training.

*Olympic Lifting
This class is designed around Olympic lifts, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  There are options for the CrossFitter who wants to become more proficient in this area or for those looking solely for Olympic lifting.
Benefits of Olympic Lifting
-Wednesday @ 6:30pm and Saturdays @ 10:00am

*Endurance Training
For those interested in improving running efficiency & technique and/or training for endurance running events from a 5k up to Ultra-marathon.

Contact us directly at 817.251.4748 -or- for more pricing and information.