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Get Started!

After you have read through the About Us page, now it’s time to Get Started!

If you haven’t already attended a free Saturday Class, it’s highly recommended. Every Saturday at 9AM we have a class catered towards those who have never CrossFitted before and who are interested in what this is all about! You will workout with members, non members and everyone in between to truly absorb what CrossFit is!
After visiting our facility you should be ready to start the Fundamentals Series.

2. Fundamentals
The Fundamentals series is required prior to regular attendance of any CrossFit class.
The small group meets 3 times a week for 4 weeks. These twelve- 1 hour sessions include the basic CrossFit principles and movements, as well as the nutrition needed to reach your overall goals.
By completing fundamentals, you will ultimately bridge the gap between the beginner and full-time CrossFitter.

3. Classes
First and most important: Newcomers to the program should NOT be intimidated. CrossFit is  SCALABLE to ALL levels.  Our experienced instructors ensure your lifting, jumping, and running  are in the amount that is appropriate for you. Anyone who is willing to commit themselves to this program will encounter life changing progression. Everyone is there to support each other regardless of experience or ability.

That being said…our classes will be one of  the most motivating, intense, and exciting encounters of your day!

The WOD (Workout of the Day) is what we base our classes around. Please note the workout posted on the website is adaptable to all levels. The scaled versions are presented to you when you arrive to class.

Each class and work-out is programmed for you. It’s an hour long session complete with warm-up, skill work, WOD and cool down.

Contact us today to begin your CrossFit journey.