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Our Staff

Brandon Head, Owner and CF-L2 Trainer

Brandon has been a competitive athlete since childhood, playing varsity sports and engaging in rigorous fitness regimens in a variety of modalities.  He has participated in CrossFit since 2006 and is an accredited CrossFit Instructor. He also is certified in CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, attended the highly recognized Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Seminar, is a USAW Club Coach, and an Eat to Perform certified Coach.  His passions include developing athletes for competition and fine tuning their needs both in and out of the gym. Brandon holds a BBA in Finance from the University of North Texas.

-CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer
-CrossFit  Movement & Mobility
-CrossFit Endurance
-USAW Club Coach
-Eat to Perform, Level 2 Coach
-Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified, PN1

Shelly Head, Owner & Head of Member Relations, USAW S&P Coach

Shelly is our behind the scenes coordinator and coach. She found CrossFit in 2011 when she needed something more in her workout program than just running. Shelly has a passion for the ideals of CrossFit and enjoys the intricacies of Olympic Weightlifting. She also happens to be a USAW certified sports and performance coach. From handling member concerns to dishing out some lifting tips you’ll more than likely meet or speak with her concerning most things about Grapevine CrossFit. Shelly also has a BS in Nursing from Texas Tech University and has been in the field of for over 6 years.


Shane Moore, CF-L2 Trainer

Shane grew up loving physical competition, and went on to be a varsity track and wrestling athlete in high school. He continued his pursuit of athletic excellence after high school through weight training, but eventually became bored with the same old routine. That’s when his brother suggested CrossFit. In May of 2010 Shane started fundamentals at Grapevine CrossFit and immediately knew that he had found what he was looking for. After working in a family business for 20 years, he decided to make a career change. Shane got his Level 1 Certification in February of 2011, and shortly after started coaching at Grapevine CrossFit. He continued his education by completing his Olympic Lifting Certification in November of 2011. He now regularly competes in local competitions. As much as he loves the workouts and physical accomplishments, it’s the people that Shane meets and sees every day that displays he truly loves about CrossFit.

Ashley Brown, CF-L2 Trainer –

Ashley grew up playing team sports, she continued in high school where she was on the varsity soccer and basketball teams. When she moved to Texas and married Jaymeson, she started packing on weight. She was able to lose 60 pounds through cardio but realized she was unhappy with how weak she had become. Ashley started CrossFit in July of 2012, and she loves the strength and confidence that CrossFit has given her. Ashley has her CrossFit Level 1 and loves having the opportunity to help others develop as athletes.

Patty Thompson, CF-L2 Trainer –

Patty grew up at the pool. She competed in swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo, and in high school she coached the youth swim team. Like many people, she stopped participating in competitive sports after high school, and without a team atmosphere or a coach to push her, couldn’t find a way to stay motivated when it came to fitness. She ran a couple of half marathons and tried at-home workout regimens, but nothing stuck. In October of 2013 a friend encouraged Patty and her husband, Allan, to give CrossFit a try. She quickly saw improvements in strength and loved it so much that after two years, she decided to get her CF Level 1 certification and start coaching. Her favorite thing about CrossFit is getting to know the people at the gym and see them work hard, get stronger, and feel better about themselves.

She has a BS in psychology and religious studies from the University of Missouri and a MS in communication studies from Texas Christian University.

Jordan Schilling, CF-L2 Trainer

Jordan has always been involved in multiple sports. From five  childhood sports to three Varsity athletic teams, the teamwork oriented environment is something she has always l0ved. After completing her collegiate volleyball career she realized that specific environment was what she was lacking while going to the gym on her own. Introduced to Grapevine CrossFit in 2012, she realized that CrossFit provided the same community and competitive atmosphere she had grown to know and love. Having coached volleyball for multiple years, she is excited to learn and grow in the opportunity of coaching CrossFit.  Her hope is to positively influence and assist the people she interacts with daily and help to grow the athletic ability of the gym as a whole.

Jon Paul (JP) Tabor, Trainer

JP has spent much of his life in various athletics – baseball, football, and sand volleyball, and became bored with the ‘same old routine’ in a gym or on the track. He found himself doing the same thing over and over again with little variation in results. After helping several friends lose weight and get in shape he decided he wanted something more for himself. He and his buddy joined GVCF in August 2014, going through Fundamentals with Shane Moore, and he decided he wanted to start coaching 1 year later. “CrossFit is a completely new level of fitness for me; I thought I had consistently been in shape for most of my adult life, but CrossFit has helped me take that fitness to the next level and I couldn’t be happier.” When asked what he likes the most about GVCF, JP said, “The community of athletes here is amazing. Each one of them has their own goals and reason for being there but we come together as a community to cheer each other on, offer support, encourage thru the pain and in the end, congratulate each other for being a CrossFit athlete.” JP is working on his Level 1 certification and is interested in continuing his CrossFit education with the Level 2, Competitors Training & Powerlifting Training courses in the future.
“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”  – Vince Lombardi

Mike Lane, CF-L1 Trainer


Courtney Dewitt, CrossFit Yoga Instructor

Courtney joined our team to create the Yoga program for our community.   Courtney participated in regular CrossFit activities before receiving her Yoga Certification, and wanted to be able to combine her two passions Yoga and CrossFit.  Her goal after being certified to teach Yoga was to bring Yoga back to CrossFit to share the benefits it brought into her life as a CrossFitter.   She believes CrossFit and Yoga go hand and hand to increase flexibility, balance, variety and awareness.   Courtney has a Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in San Marcos.

All of our trainers have demonstrated the effectiveness of the CrossFit methodology at a personal level. They are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and teach what it really takes to be physically fit for a lifetime.