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Grapevine CrossFit Gauntlet 2.0 Posted by admin on August 20, 2013 • Comment

Announcing the 2013 Grapevine Gauntlet 2.0! This year’s format will be a bit different than last years.

Date: September 28th, 2013

Time: 9am until finish (probably around 5pm), we will have a detailed schedule the week of competition.

Events: 4 total, every 2 hours. The longest timed event will be 12:00

Fair and Balanced: the workouts will be released on Friday, September 27th. Only one person will know what they are and there should be a good overall test of athleticism across all events.

Cost: $30/pp which includes a shirt and and prizes for top 3 males and females in both divisions. You MUST register for your correct category under Front Desk: Events. No switching of divisions the day of.

Participation: MEMBERS ONLY. There will be an RX’d and Scaled division and anyone is encouraged to enter. Below are some of the requirements per the workouts to help aid in your decision of divisions. There will be other movements but should be able to be completed regardless of division.

Male/Female RX requirements:
1. Males: It would benefit your point standings to be able to perform a muscle up (but not overly necessary)
2. Females: It would benefit your point standings to be able to perform CTB pullups
2. Toes 2 Bar
3. Deadlift, 275M/185W for multiple reps
4. Box Jump, 30”/24”

Male/Female Scaled requirements:
1. Male/Female: It would benefit your point standings to be able to perform a pullup (but not overly necessary)
2. Knee ups
3. Deadlift, 165M/115W for multiple reps
4. Box Jump, 20”/16”

You must register for your division by Sunday, September 22nd on Front Desk. Absolutely no exceptions as we must get heat assignments and set-up down early. You will also need to e-mail your shirt size (unisex) whenever you register. Re-emphasizing: absolutely no work-outs will be released until the night before so don’t ask!  A schedule of events will be announced the week of the competition.

If you aren’t interested in competing this year we are DEFINITELY looking for volunteers and judges to make this a great event!

Please e-mail with any questions, comments, or concerns.



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I can help witH judging but I also want to compete