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Tuesday 10/16/12 Posted by admin on October 15, 2012 • Comment

1RM Back Squat
-Compare to 05/21/12
1RM Press
-Compare to 05/21/12


CrossFit Rules on Press Max:

“…. The starting position must be upright, with the knees and hips fully extended and the chest up. The bar must be in contact with the top of the shoulders or the chest, whichever individual flexibility permits. After the starting position is correctly assumed, the bar is pressed overhead until the elbows are completely extended, with the bar in a position directly above the ears. Once this position has been attained, the bar is lowered back to the front of the shoulders and walked back into the rack and replaced.

“…any change in the position of the feet against the floor during the attempt, any bending of the knees, or excessive backward lean of the torso constitutes a missed attempt. Spotters are not permitted for this lift.”

CrossFit Rules on Back Squat Max:

“The starting position must be completely upright, with the knees and the hips fully extended and with the chest up. The hips are lowered until the top surfaces of both of the legs at the hip joint are lower than the knees, and then the bar is lifted back up. The finish position is the same as the starting position, and the athlete must return to it before the bar is racked. When the finish position is secure, the bar must be walked back into the rack and successfully replaced.”

Notes on back squat: DO NOT short your squat. Everyone in this gym knows what full depth is-do it! If you have to ask us if it was deep enough…it probably wasn’t. If you are not comfortable “bailing” on a back squat, you will be finding a heavy single. If you have never spotted someone on back squat, please get someone else to do so. We ALWAYS spot 2 do a bar (1 on each side-NEVER BEHIND) and there needs to be communication amongst everyone during that lift. Your coach will be there to make sure this happens.

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