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Friday 09/14/12 Posted by admin on September 13, 2012 • Comment

Why everyone at Grapevine CrossFit should be signing-up for the in-house competition:

1) Community Spirit – There’s nothing quite like working towards a common goal to bring people together. One of the major reasons CrossFit is such a success is because people love the community it engenders.

2) Personal Gain – It’s useful to have a reason to train in terms of some personal goal, whether that be a sense of pride in performing to your ability, or not wanting a sense of guilt / embarrassment at not, it doesn’t matter. It’s long been known that publicly saying you’re going to do something, galvanises the mind and provides extra motivation to do it.

3) Benchmark Yourself –  You’ll be able to see exactly how your fitness compares to that of your peers.

4) Mental Growth –  Ambulating through life, always feeling cosy and snug and comfortable, is a slow way to dull life. Push yourself occasionally and marvel at your own ability to overcome.

So take the time to reflect on this. Then go to the announcements and pick a division to sign-up for! You won’t regret it.

Weighted Chin-Ups 5×5
-Add weight each set


Overhead Squat 5×5
-Add weight each set

Push Jerk 3×3
-Must clean from the ground
+5 from 08/21/12

Jump, Jump!


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