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Grapevine Gauntlet Sign-Up and WODS! Posted by admin on September 8, 2012 • Comment

Below are details on our first in-house competition! Members only.
Saturday, September 22nd- first WOD starting at 9am.
You must sign-up by September 19th or you will be unable to participate.

Sign-up for your division here

We will be announcing the 3 work-outs on this page in the weeks leading up to the competition. Athletes are not able to “practice” any work-out in the gym. Anyone doing so will be removed from the competition.

Some Standards to help you determine your division:

Individual Male: Ground to Shoulder 135lb, unassisted pull-ups, 225lb deadlift, double-unders (think of these more as a penalty)

Individual Female: Ground to Shoulder 95lb, unassisted pull-ups, 155lb deadlift, double-unders (think of these more as a penalty)

Scaled Male: Ground to Shoulder 95lb, 155lb deadlift, single-unders

Scaled Female: Ground to Shoulder 65lb, 95lb deadlift, single-unders

WOD 1 Announced 9/11/12
12:00 Cut-Off
50-40-30-20-10yd Shuttle Run
immediately following,
Power Cleans (135m/95w)(95m/65w scaled)

WOD 2 Announced 9/14/12
10:00 Cut-Off
1000m Row
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull-Ups

Scaled: 45m/35w, Ring Rows (will have taped markers to keep everyone consistent on these)

WOD 3 Announced 9/17/12
AMRAP 3:00
Deadlifts (225m/155w) (155m/95w scaled)

-As many reps as possible of deadlifts

-Anytime the bar stays on the ground for more than a “Touch and Go” you must complete 30 double-unders (90 singles scaled) to return to the bar and continue deadlifting

-You are allowed to “Rest” in the standing position holding the bar.



One Comment

Jim Campbell

Should I sign up for men’s regular or scaled? I can not do double unders well…..