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Wednesday 08/22/12 Posted by admin on August 21, 2012 • 2 Comments

A friendly reminder and words of wisdom from CrossFit Brand X:
Encourage, do not coach.
By all means, offer support and cheer your fellow clients on. But nothing irks the trainers more than when clients offer CrossFit instruction to other clients. Do not do it. Ever. It can be dangerous. And it’s certainly aggravating

Group A:
AMRAP 12:00
10 Pull-Ups (May sub 5 MU or 5 Bar MU-no bands…this should not be your limiting factor)
40ft Atlas Stone Carry
10 Burpees
40ft Atlas Stone Carry
30 Double-Unders

Group B:
1 mile TT

After each group completes their work-out-They will rest 5:00 then switch Groups.


Go Jim!




I find it very annoying too!


6:36, 3 rds 116 atlas, plus 25 singles