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Friday 04/20/12 Posted by admin on April 19, 2012 • 3 Comments

Another Saturday Child Monitor Update: We are now capping the room at 8 children. You must sign-up by the day before we cannot facilitate more than that. This Saturday is at 5 right now. Thanks everyone for their help in making this a safe and smooth ride!

RDL 5×5
+10 from 03/27/12


Gymnastics Party, For Quality:
3×10 Standing DB Inverted Cross
3x 1:00 Handstand Holds
30 Rolling Pistols (15 each leg)
10 Mat Rolls


Watch: Mic’d Instructor: Mobility and Recovery




RDLs @ 160#
Handstand hold PR – 90 seconds. Woo!


RDLs @ 125#
Handstands & tumbles are fun…pistols are tough 🙂

Matt A.

RDL 315#…pistols are easy on the way down especially if you decide not to get back up!