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Thursday 3/10/11 Posted by admin on March 9, 2011 • 9 Comments

*Don’t forget “Jackie” Re-test tomorrow!

Front Squat
-Compare t
o 2/18/11, add 5 pounds

3x 5-10 Glute Ham Raises

WOD's on the road, in a "State of the art fitness facility!"

Tracking your WOD’s

Let’s talk about something that is absolutely important and necessary in the world of fitness. It’s the practice of logging and tracking your daily performance. I will list some reasons why this is an important daily ritual for every athlete (members of our gym are referred to as athletes) to do this:

First is that it helps you see increases in your fitness other than physical appearance.  On days when we do a benchmark workout like Helen, Fran, Nancy, CrossFit Total, etc. you will have a reference point for the WOD on a few different levels. These levels include but are not limited to, previous weights used, type of movement used, whether or not that movement was scaled, your total time, the weight used, etc. You now have a point to go back and compare to and/or make adjustments based on how good or bad the workout went for you last time.

This will also apply to times when you need to reference loads moved on the lifts, i.e. Back Squat, Press, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, etc. Often in class we will have a workout that will require you to use X% of a given 1RM movement. If you don’t track your workouts, how in the heck would you ever remember these numbers?  There is simply not enough room or energy for your brain to remember all this stuff!  You will also know where to start when we ask you to do 5 sets of 5 at X% or add 5 lbs from last time.

One last reference point for logging your workouts pertains to potential over training. All it takes is a few words at the end of each log day to describe how you feel, how the workout was, and how you felt you did. If you see common trends of feeling bad, poor performances, and decreased weights used, you may potentially stop a period of over-reaching or over training. This is definitely something we all need to avoid as it can cause burnout, injury, extreme food cravings of the worst kind, depression, etc.



Great advise on logging and tracking workouts B’s! It can get a little discouraging to see your numbers going down, but you NEED to see that so you can make adjustments. I’m going through that myself right now. All good…better to see it, acknowledge it, and make the necessary sdjustments than to continue on with the same routine and experience the negative effects you mentioned above.

Good Stuff!




3 sets of 5 Ham raises.


For the iPhone users out there there is an app called WOD. It can be used to track all your workouts and you can set it up to sync to the RSS feeds of the GVCF website so all you have to do is click the “I did this button” and fill in the weight or time.

It also keeps track of each individual workout, organized by month and year. There is a section for records and it also contains most of the named workouts.

To configure the RSS feed –> Open the App –> More (lower right) –> Settings –> RSS Feed (Enter “”

The above poster has no financial affiliation with WOD software or its developers. I just think the app kicks ass!



Is it the Casey Marshall ap for $2.99?


ditto charles endorsement. started using it 3 or 4 weeks ago and it is very slick.


Yes, It is. Wow, there are quite a few more options that when first purchased. Perhaps I do need to figure out how to make me a financial “WINNING” situation for myself!


I keep getting an error, “Failed to Connect. Could not read workout RSS: unsupported URL”

Dave Rios

Ok first time blogger here. Hello fellow bloggers. I come in the evenings and the occasional Saturday. Nice to meet all of you.

Charles- Nice work tonight!

FS- 205# PR for me. Thanks for the breathing tips B. Really made a difference.

The ham raises seem like a challenging move. I will need to work on those as I couldn’t complete a single one tonight. Could have something to do with the FS’s but I don’t want to make excuses.