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Tuesday 1/4/11 Posted by admin on January 3, 2011 • 9 Comments

A. 5:00 Jump rope/Double Under Work

B. 15:00 Handstand/HSPU work

C. 5 Rounds of:
10 Deadlifts, 50% of 1RM
20 Box Jumps
Rest 2:00

*Post loads and time to comments

Jack and Donna: Couples that play together stay together! Do you work-out with your significant other?



I drug my tired body into the gym this am because I told Debbie I’d be there. Hmmm – I don’t remember seeing Debbie while I was sucking wind jumping up and down on that box! 🙂 Much love Deb! I know you had a good excuse…
WOD – 12:07 (that’s only 4 min and 7 sec of actual work…)

Deb G.

Love you too, Sam..sorry
Had a little tummy ache this am from din din last night-too much onions and red peppers in our garlic chicken-paleo dish last night-Yummy then but….
see you all at 5:30 pm….

Bill Deppe

so rest 2 minutes after each sets? Have a PTO meeting tonight at 6:30 so I’ll do this one at the office.


You’ve got it


13:45 total time. :57, 1:07, 1:21, 1:13, 1:07 20″ box and 125# DL
I also attempted the 100 meter handstand walk for time. I was trying to do it in under 3 minutes to beat Laurie Galassi. Sigh – 4:11. She makes it look easy, much props to her.


BTW I Loved Friday’s link to the article about ‘Embracing the Buff’. Crystal McReynolds is lovely indeed.

Lee J.

50 double-unders unbroken – PR

WOD 12:23 @ 225# DL and 24″ box


14:06; 135# DL; 20# box


Used 195 for DLs 1.) 1:14 2.) 1:15 3.) 1:16 4.) 1:16 5.) 1:13 used a bench for box jumps.