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Thursday 7/1/10 Posted by admin on July 1, 2010 • 11 Comments

Today is Bevin’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Bev! You are truly an asset to this place!

For time:

25 Body Weight Back Squats (b/c she is 25…)
Run 1 Mile (b/c she hates running…)

*Post load and time to comments



Happy Birthday Boog! Hope you have a good one!

Love you!



Bevin happy birthday!! I’ll give this a try during lunch today. Look out smith machine and treadmill……


Happy Birthday Bevin!


Happy Birthday, Bev-o!

Bill Deppe

Anyone do this in the morning? Can’t decide to scale or try body weight .These are the days I wish I was not so full figured 🙂


Happy Birthday, Bevin! The big 25 … wow!

I’m going to do my best to make tonight’s WOD, but I may get stuck at work. If so, I’m going to make this one up later for the birthday girl. I can’t miss out on killer squats and a run.


Happy Birthday Bevo!! Can’t wait to do this workout with you tonight! So happy you and Brandon have become a part of our lives.

Bill Deppe

13:43 – using two 45s on each side of the smith machine, not sure what the bar weights. Hopefully that is some where close to 215. Ran on a treadmill

Debbie G

Oh man-looks like a great b-day WOD-great comments too Brandon.
Happy bday wishes again to you, bunnie
See you all in the am-

Jonathan Robbins

I haven’t gone to the site in a while so decided to check it out. Happy BDAY Bevin! Hope yall are doing well.

Friday 7/1/11 | Grapevine CrossFit

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